The state of Texas and other southern states have been reeling in the after effects of Hurricane Harvey that left whole cities and towns flooded, a number of people dead, millions of dollars in property damage, and looting galore.

Now it looks like Florida is in the crosshairs as Hurricane Irma sets her sights on the Sunshine State, and it isn’t looking much better for these good folks either, as this storm continues to gain strength.

It appears that isn’t the end of the bad news as yet another tropical storm has popped up named Jose.

If you’re a praying person, now is a good time to get down on your knees, because this country needs the Lord now more than ever.

Here are the details on this new threat via Weather.Com:

The National Hurricane Center named Jose late Tuesday morning, located about 1,500 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

Jose is expected to gain strength the next few days and become a hurricane later in the week as it tracks toward the west-northwest.

By this weekend, Jose is then expected to slow down and turn northwest. However, how close Jose comes to the northern Lesser Antilles before making that turn remains uncertain.

Jose could begin to feel some increasing wind shear partly due to outflow winds aloft from Hurricane Irma, which may put a crimp on its intensification.

Let’s hope that this storm doesn’t reach the levels of intensity that both Harvey and Irma managed to hit, otherwise those in the paths of the storm are going to be utterly devastated.

Whenever such major disasters occur, one of the first things that pops into the minds of those affected is “why?”

If God exists, why would He allow this awful string of disasters to pummel our nation, to put so many people in harm’s way, to starve, go without water, or die?

We honestly can’t know for sure, but we can rest in the gospel promise that God works all things together for God for those that love Him.

There’s much grace to be seen in times of trial such as those brought on by these hurricanes, as people, especially Christians, become the hands and feet of Jesus and give sacrificially to show God’s love and help their fellow man.

The bottom line is that God commands us to love one another and help each other. So let’s get ready to do that for all those being affected by this rash of storms.

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