Our nation is absolutely, horribly divided along racial lines, primarily due to the fact that liberals and progressives have spent a lot of time — and if you’re George Soros, a small fortune — in making certain demographics a favorite target.

The left has worked to make the black community believe they are looking out for them, that they are a voice that will represent their cause and ensure they have someone fighting for them, the little guys, out in Washington.

In order to do that, they paint up conservatives and Republicans as racists who hate blacks and want to keep them down, oppressed, without economic opportunity. As if we don’t want them to enjoy their liberty and freedom. They’ve become so good at pushing this narrative, that a lot of folks in the black community have bought it hook, line, and sinker.

In reality, liberals only see votes. That’s all minorities are to them. A means of staying in power. Nothing more.

This is why they seized on the whole hating cops dealing, seeing an opportunity to pick a group of people — police — make them the bad guys, play to the emotions of the black community, and then drive a wedge between whites and other minorities, further alienating them and increasing the likelihood that they would vote Democrat.

That doesn’t mean that every single complaint of bad cops is a false one or not legit, or somehow inspired by politics. There are truly bad cops out there who do hurt, kill, and often times violate the rights of African-Americans disproportionately. Racism is still a thing that exists, and will exist until Jesus returns.

The problem is that groups like Black Lives Matter come along and use these injustices as excuses to riot and express their own form of hatred and racism toward whites.

Now you have two groups of people, both of which have eternal value as image bearers of God who come from one man, Adam, who was made by the Creator, ready to rip each other’s throats out.

In reality, we just don’t listen to each other enough, a fact proven to be true by the events that transpire when some BLM members are actually invited on stage to speak at a pro-Trump rally.

This is pretty amazing.

How awesome was that?

People actually expressed their views, peacefully, respectfully, even when it was in disagreement with each other, and at the end of the day, both sides seemed to realize they have far more in common than they previously thought possible.

This, my friends, is what the First Amendment looks like in action. American citizens standing up for what they believe, allowing their opinions and thoughts to go head-to-head on the battlefield of ideas.

Exchanges like this are how hearts and minds are won, how people grow and change. We need more events like this, with people coming together to love one another and discuss hard topics and issues, sharing in our common humanity and finding solutions where as many people on both sides win as possible.

This is what truly makes America great.

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