Oh, you mean the socialist who ran for President claiming he would give everyone free stuff? Yeah, that guy.

Say what you want to about Bernie Sanders, but we have to give him credit for one thing: he does actually believe what he says. Though it’s better than what most politicians can say, it doesn’t mean that his ideas are good, per se.

In an interview with Vice, even former Speaker John Boehner said the same thing about Senator Sanders:

“Now I’ll say, Bernie’s probably the most honest person running for President. Because he actually believes all that crazy stuff he says.”

Bernie ran a very well-organized, grassroots campaign with a ton of support outpouring from different groups around the nation. Given his policies as far-left as they were, some would say that it was an unprecedented amount of support that almost no political commentators saw coming.

But nevertheless, Senator Sanders lost the Democratic primary election to Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday, however, you would have thought that Bernie had never lost an election in his life:

Senator Sanders was tweeting in reference to voter discrimination and gerrymandering, however it rings true in more than one category.

I’ve given Bernie a lot of credit in this article, perhaps more than I should, but the fact of the matter is he ran for President of the United States on his ideas. His ideas did conjure up quite a bit of support, but they did not win him the election.

Our friends over at Conservative Tribune hit the nail on the head with this one: For a man who criticizes President Donald Trump for his tweets, Sanders’ tweets can be downright boneheaded.

We’ll be expecting a letter of resignation any day now, Senator.

Stay political, my friends.


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