You might think that with all of the wacky stuff coming out of our modern day culture you’ve seen it all, that nothing on this planet could possibly leave you in shock.

After all, people who self-identify as dogs and other various wildlife exist, so how could anything possibly make your mouth hit the floor?

Well, it seems the British Broadcasting Corporation — known as the BBC — has found a way to do the impossible and actually come up with something that kicks the whole “world gone mad” factor up a few notches.

In a move to apparently help normalize transgenderism and inevitably cause all sorts of gender confusion among future generations, a new two-part program designed to see if they can get kids to go “gender free.”

It’s called “No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?”

You know, when our grandparents held us in their arms, they no doubt wondered what kind of future we’d create, the crazy new gadgets and gizmos we’d invent, and all sorts of things.

And this, folks, is what we did with our gift of life and culture.

via The Express:

A class of seven-year-old pupils were given a “gender neutral bookcase” which featured stories about a princess saving a prince and a princess with superpowers during the six-week trial.

Class teacher Graham Andrew, who is also the head of Lanesend Primary School on the Isle of Wight, was banned from using affectionate terms such as “sweet pea” and “mate”.

Education experts fear the experiment could cause the children involved psychological distress and harm, both in the short and long-term.

Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said: “There may be a case for legal action against the school and the BBC if any child has suffered psychological harm or distress, either in the short term or the long term.

The BBC describe the show as a “bold, engaging and provocative experiment” which is the inspiration of medical doctor Javid Abdelmoneim.

According to the BBC, the doctor “aims to remove all differences in the way boys and girls are treated to see if, after six weeks of “gender neutral” treatment, he can even out the gaps in their achievement across a range of important psychological measures from self-confidence to spatial awareness”.

Here’s a trailer for the show so you can see the madness for yourself:

The Daily Mail also covered the story surrounding this mess, and believe it or not, many folks in the comment section weren’t too happy with the show or the idea of going “gender free.”

Which, by the way, is an impossibility. Men and women, like it or not, were created by God to be different, and nothing will erase those inherently programmed differences, no matter how hard we try.

Anyway, here’s some of those comments:

“My kids are proud of their gender, they don’t want to be told they’re neutral.”

Another wrote, “this is not education, what about sticking to the curriculum and educating our children with information instead of confusion. What is going on in our schools?”

“Lunacy,” yet another declared. “No other word for it. Please let children be children.”

Isn’t it sad that we live in a world that downplays the beauty of what it means to be truly male and female?

I’m not talking about the stereotypes we have of what it means to be masculine or feminine, but the actual, biblical, God-ordained differences between men and women.

Men were created to be providers and protectors, not beer can smashing, lazy loafs who sit around and watch television all day and avoid talking about their emotions.

Women were designed to be man’s helper — not his servant — his partner, working hand-in-hand with him to subdue the earth and create culture to the glory of God.

The bottom line is, we need each other. Man is not complete without woman, and vice versa. The task of culture creation is impossible without a traditional family unit comprised of a male and female.

Men and women each have unique inherent characteristics that make them suited for the tasks they have been given, though varying strengths of these traits exist in each person.

The fact that these differences exist does not mean one sex is better or superior to the other, nor does it mean that a woman can’t work or something of that nature.

The differences in gender are beautiful things, and learning to embrace and love those differences and enjoy being who God made you to be is what children should be taught.

Isn’t it weird that liberals want to take all that makes individuals unique and erase these factors and make everyone virtually the same? Isn’t that essentially attempting to eliminate what makes the world such a beautiful place?


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