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Friday, May 29, 2020

Michael Cantrell


Look What Church Shooter Was Doing The Week Before The Shooting

More information about Texas church shooter Devin Kelley continues to be unearthed, giving us an inside track as to why he might have carried out this heinous, awful attack.

New CNN Poll Reveals How Americans REALLY Feel About the Democratic Party

This past Tuesday was an election night that saw a few key victories by Democrats unfold across the nation, but before folks on the...

These Scholarships Being Offered to Students Price Liberal Hypocrisy is Real

Liberals drone on and on about equality and inclusiveness, bragging in such a perverse manner that you’d swear up and down they owned the corner market on morality.

Texas Church Shooter Was Being Investigated for Rape, Police Reviewing Why Case Was Dropped

The plot continues to thicken as we learn more and more about Texas church shooter Devin Kelley, as the investigation into why he went on his brutal killing spree continues.

Military Has Known About Crime Reporting Issues to FBI for Several DECADES

This past Sunday saw a bloody massacre carried out by an evil, lone gunman who murdered 26 people inside a church in cold blood.

Cali Police Chief Helps Feds Arrest Illegal Immigrant, Now This is Happening to Her…

Anne Kirkpatrick, Chief of Police for the city of Oakland, is coming under heavy fire from liberals after doing the most unthinkable thing you can imagine: her job.

MAJOR New Revelation About Texas Shooter Revealed

In the recent aftermath of the Texas church shooting that happened on Sunday, we're still learning bits and pieces about shooter Devin Kelley and his motive for murdering 26 people who were innocently worshiping their God.

Mother of Four Forced to Make Ultimate Sacrifice for Kids in Texas Church Shooting

A mother of four, Joann Ward, was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice this weekend, after an angry atheist walked into her church in Texas and opened fire, killing a total of 26 people, including many children.

Elizabeth Warren Attacks the NRA, Gets DESTROYED by Ben Shapiro in Epic Tweet

After Sunday's horrifying mass shooting inside a church in San Antonio, Texas, liberals wasted no time in politicizing this act of evil to once again promote their anti-gun agenda.

What Pastor Who Lost Daughter in Shooting is Doing for the Community is Amazing

Over this past weekend, our nation experienced yet another tragedy, this time in the form of a mass shooting by an atheist inside a church

Chicago Professor Wants Kids to “Turn Out Queer”

Don’t think the homosexual agenda exists and that educators want to brainwash your kid into accepting perversion as normal and shame them for being straight?

Dem Congressman Does Something DEPLORABLE During Moment of Silence for Church Massacre

Liberals and other modern day progressives believe whole heartedly in the principle of never allowing a good tragedy to go to waste.

Church Massacre Survivors Speak Out, Offer Chilling Details of Shooting

This weekend saw yet another horrific mass shooting, this time the evil that plagues our world decided to target God’s people during a worship...

Meet the Sharpshooting Plumber Who Took Down the Church Shooter

On Sunday, a rage fueled atheist named Devin Kelley walked into a Texas church and opened fire, killing 26 people, many of which were children.

Liberal Teacher Takes on Latino Pro-Trump Student, Gets DESTROYED

Liberals these days, especially those who work in the education sector, can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that there are actual Latino people who support Donald Trump.

Anthony Weiner Heads to the Big House

Disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner, who perfectly encapsulates the corruption found in the bowels of modern politics, is headed for the slammer, his new home for the next 21 to 27 months.

Hollywood Actor Trashes Prayer After Horrific Church Shooting, Instantly Regrets It

Actor Wil Wheaton, most famous for his role as Wesley from Star Trek: The Next Generation, joined the chorus of Hollywood progressives yesterday by calling for gun control after a mass shooting inside a Texas church.

How Trump Greeted Japanese Emperor is What Real Leadership Looks Like

If you’re a leader, especially of a country, it’s imperative that you show strength and resolve, that you command respect with your presence.


The Big Assumption about Joe Biden

The charge: President Trump used his power as president to force the Ukrainian government into investigating his political rival for personal gain. There by exerting...