Thursday, December 3, 2020

Michael Cantrell


Media Releases Trump Jr. Wikileaks Messages…Here’s What’s in Them

Liberals in the mainstream media, in pop culture, and practically every other walk of life have desperately been searching for a reason for Hillary Clinton's loss last year in the 2016 election.

Chelsea Handler Tweets About Trump and Rape, Gets DESTROYED

Chelsea Handler, a raging liberal and professional Trump hating “comedian,” decided to do what all progressive celebrities do and take a few precious moments out of her oh so busy day to smash on the president.

Oberlin College Accuses Local Business of Racism, Regretting it BIG TIME

You've probably heard of that old story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," but in twenty-first century America it's more like "The Lefty Who Screamed Racism."

Dem Congressional Candidate Busted in New Mexico for…

A Democratic candidate for Congress from the state of New Mexico's second district just got busted doing something naughty and has been arrested.

Joe Biden Asked if He Will Run For President, His Answer is SCARY

Crazy Uncle Joe is back at it again, this time instead of getting touchy-feely with some poor lady and sharing creepy smiles in awkward photos, he's chit-chatting about a potential presidential run in 2020.

What This NYT Op-Ed Suggests About Kids of Different Races Being Friends is SHOCKING

One of the biggest social topics we hear about day in and day out is that of racism, which of course, anyone with a...

GAG: Colin Kaepernick Just Got a MAJOR Honor From GQ Magazine

Apparently, to be considered "citizen of the year" by GQ Magazine is a pretty low threshold, especially seeing as how they just named former...

Bernie Sanders Says America Should Copy Canada’s Free Health Care System, Just ONE Problem

Sen. Bernie Sanders is an outspoken and totally unashamed socialist, a man who actually lives out his ideology without a bit of fear, refusing to hide his light under a bushel, unlike the vast majority of his Democratic colleagues.

North Korea Slams Trump, Says They Won’t Stop Nuclear Program

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continues to demonstrate his hostility toward the United States and every other Western nation in the free world by refusing to end the country's illegal nuclear weapons program, despite all of the pressure being applied by President Trump and the U.N.

ABC Reporter Asks Vietnam Woman About Trump, Her Response Leaves Him Stunned

ABC News journalist Jonathan Karl just got the shock of his career after finding out that there are people in other countries who actually like President Trump.

Planned Parenthood Just Tweeted Something Sickeningly Ironic

Planned Parenthood, the baby murdering chop shop and leading provider of abortions in America, really needs to find someone with a bit more Internet savvy to run their social media page, or at least tell the current schmuck in the position to learn how to proofread.

The Tables Have Turned: Now It’s Democrats who Have a Russia Problem

For months and months, all we've heard about from the loony left is their desperate attempt to tie President Trump to Russian interference in the election. The mainstream media has tried desperately to make that happen, to dig and dig to find evidence such a connection exists.

College Professor Erases Pro-Life Chalk Messages, Instantly Regrets It

A college professor just learned the hard way that we are still a nation that loves freedom of speech and expression, noting that anyone who tries to silence that right needs to be dealt with.

What George Soros is Up to Now Could Change Law Enforcement in a BIG...

for or against Trump and arguing about all sorts of different important issues, there’s been a major force in the progressive movement skulking around in the shadows, quietly changing the face of law enforcement while no one’s looking.

Hillary Clinton Pens Letter to Younger Self, Here’s What it Said…

Hillary Clinton is desperately clinging to any and all opportunities to remain in the public light, no matter how ridiculous or goofy, because, well, she’s addicted to the attention

Michigan Senate Did Something Huge For Gun Rights, Liberals Likely Furious

In light of the recent mass shooting at a church in San Antonio, Texas, the gun debate is raging once again.

Insane Wait Times in Canada Prove Socialized Medicine Doesn’t Work

One of the biggest issues we face in our country is our desperate need of an overhaul of the health care system.

On the Anniversary of the 2016 Election, Trump Trolls Hillary in the Best Way

Wednesday was the one-year anniversary of former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat at the hands of an extremely unlikely victor: Donald Trump.


Pop Quiz: The NBA Liberals Edition

Instructions: Class this is a pop quiz. You can not use your notes and please do not Google anything to make sure the quiz is...