Thursday, December 3, 2020

Michael Cantrell


Shooter in NoCal Was Prohibited From Buying Guns, Here’s How He Got Them

Liberals are constantly harping about the need for more gun control laws to prevent bad guys from getting guns and carrying out mass shootings.

Here’s the Billboard Put Up By a Gun Range That Has Liberals Screaming “Racist”

The term "racist" has well and truly lost it's sting and meaning these days thanks to overzealous liberals tossing the label around willy-nilly.

Thousands of Criminals Tried to Buy Guns Illegally, Obama Rarely Prosecuted

A new report coming out provides a deep look into how the Obama administration handled convicted felons who attempted to purchase guns illegally, and from the looks of it, they did poorly.

Liberal Sen. Al Franken Latest Accused of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and harassment are the talk of the town it seems these days, with a purge going down in Hollywood and in the political realm of individuals involved in such behavior.

Transgender Inmate Forced to Remain in All-Male Prison, Now He’s Doing This…

A transgender inmate in Massachusetts is filing a law suit against the state correctional board for not allowing him to be transferred to a female prison.

North Korean Dictator to Trump: ‘Sentenced to Death’

If you've been paying attention to social media lately, you're likely well aware that a war of words has broken out between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Trump.

Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars Just Paid for the First Military Gender Reassignment Surgery…

If you're like me at all, you probably wonder what the government does with that sizable chunk they rip out of your paycheck each pay period, as it never seems to be used for anything that actually benefits society at large.

Court Demands French Mayor Remove Nativity From City Hall, His Response is PERFECT

Robert Menard is the mayor of the city of Beziers in France, and when it comes to shoving a cork in the mouth of political correctness, this man knows his business and knows it well.

Islamist Accused of Rape had Visa Banned, Then Hillary Stepped In…

Back in 2004, when George W. Bush was occupying the Oval Office, his administration banned Tariq Ramadan, a European Islamist, from entering our great country.

Woman Buys Lobster for Her Dog With Food Stamps, Video Goes VIRAL

A woman who is receiving welfare in the form of food stamps was recently caught on video doing something so absolutely ludicrous that it's enough to make your jaw go smack against the floor.

What the Boston Globe Wants to do With Guns Should Have 2A Folks Up...

Over the last few months our country has been rocked by multiple bloody mass shootings that have continued to cause citizens from all over to feel more unsafe than they have in years.

MAJOR Win for Pro-Life Movement, SCOTUS to Hear Case on Pregnancy Centers

This week seems to be a big one for the pro-life movement as news broke about the possibility of an FBI investigation into Planned Parenthood, a new video from the Center for Medical Progress was released, and now the Supreme Court has decided to hear a case about protecting pregnancy centers.

Anti-Trumper Posts Video Threatening Killing Spree, This Happens Immediately After

There's no doubt we're living in a very dangerous time politically speaking, as the radical left has made it clear there's no tolerance for views that don't line up with progressive ideology.

Media FINALLY Forced to Acknowledge the Truth About Bill Clinton

As the media has been flooded with all of the accusations of sex-related crimes and harassment flooding out of Hollywood and even in the political realm, the propaganda wing of the progressive movement has finally been forced to acknowledge the truth about Bill Clinton and his sex crimes.

Whistleblower Says StemExpress Gave Bonuses for Organs in “High Demand”

Pro-life group Center for Medical Progress released a video early on Tuesday that features a former StemExpress employee discussing how the company paid bonuses to procure certain body parts from aborted babies.

The Number of Visas Issued to People From Terror-Sponsoring Countries is Alarming…

Over the last few years we've seen an incredibly scary uptick in terrorist activity right here on American soil, as radicals from other countries are finding more creative ways to skirt our immigration laws and sneak into the country.

Planned Parenthood Might be Getting Some BAD NEWS Real Soon

Several years ago, the country was rocked by a scandal involving the child killers who work at Planned Parenthood, after hidden video released online revealed they were selling baby body parts for profit.

What FBI Report Reveals About Anti-White Crime is SHOCKING

A new report has just been released by the FBI concerning hate crimes and the results are definitely shocking. Apparently, crimes being carried out against...


Pop Quiz: The NBA Liberals Edition

Instructions: Class this is a pop quiz. You can not use your notes and please do not Google anything to make sure the quiz is...