Thursday, December 3, 2020

Michael Cantrell


Girls get in Trouble for Violating Dress Code, Male Students’ Response is OUTRAGEOUS

Instead, we're going to talk about an expression of rebellion in the form of boys bucking their school's dress code for girls as an act of protest.

Mom Forced to do the UNTHINKABLE to get Daughter Back From Sex Trafficking Site

This sort of situation is what nightmares are made of for parents, which is what makes the tale of Kubiiki Pride and her daughter all the more terrifying. It wasn't a bad dream, it was their reality.

More Debauchery: Couple Divorce in Order to MARRY Shared Girlfriend

When a nation as a whole abandons the Word of God as their objective standard of right and wrong, all sorts of debauchery and heinous activity not only becomes common place, but celebrated.

George Foreman Delivers Knock Out Punch to Kaepernick Over National Anthem

One of the hottest issues to hit the world of professional sports over the last year or so is the whole Colin Kaepernick ordeal,...

Man Responsible for Racist Riots in Charlottesville Connected to Obama, Here’s how…

Well, newsflash. As strange as this might sound, as contrary as it is, there's actually a member of the "white is right" bunch who isn't a fan of Trump and voted for Obama in previous elections.

BBC Launching Show to Turn Kids “Genderless,” Parents not Buying it

In a move to apparently help normalize transgenderism and inevitably cause all sorts of gender confusion among future generations, a new two-part program designed to see if they can get kids to go "gender free."

What This Catholic Bishop is Saying About Homosexuality is leaving Christians Shocked

It's not exactly a secret that there's a whole lot of compromise going on in the realm of Christianity these days, and I'm not talking about the good kind.

Man has not one, but TWO sex Changes, Still not Happy, Guess What He’s...

Now that the left has started the big push to normalize transgender behavior, attempting to use shame as their primary tactic for shifting the paradigm of transgenderism as mental illness to some sort of personality quirk, we're starting to hear the phrase "sex change" a whole heck of a lot more.

Days After Charlottesville Protests, Black Pastors Reveal the Truth About Trump

It's no secret the mainstream media has it out for President Trump, and they are willing to go to any lengths to create some...

New Character Revealed for ‘Roseanne’ has LGBT Crowd Cheering

Hollywood seems bound and determined to shove the LGBT agenda down the throats of American citizens whether they like it or not, turning what...

In the Wake of Separation From his Wife, Chris Pratt Talks Jesus

It's unfortunate to hear that Pratt's marriage is seemingly ending, and there's no doubt many folks in the church will judge the couple for their failure.

Texas Police Instructor has some BAD NEWS for statue vandals

Those wonderful snowflakes on the left have been on an absolute rampage ever since the violent protests that took place in Charlottesville a little...

VIDEO: Cop gets shot several times, Woman Immediately Responds by Doing THIS

Being a police officer these days is hazardous to your health, thanks in large part to the racially divisive narrative being pushed by radical...

What This Company is Doing With Aborted Babies Will Chill you to the BONE

There's no greater blight on our nation than that of child sacrifice, the crime of murdering a little one for the modern idol of...

Misgender a Trans Person? You Might Pay a Steep Price

Ladies and gentlemen, we now live in a world where 50 plus genders exist and the mental illness now popularly known as transgenderism has...

Famous Evangelist Billy Graham has one FINAL Warning America NEEDS to Hear

In recent weeks, America has been rocked by violent protests from white supremacists that have taken our already deeply divided country and widened the...


Pop Quiz: The NBA Liberals Edition

Instructions: Class this is a pop quiz. You can not use your notes and please do not Google anything to make sure the quiz is...