Thursday, October 29, 2020

Michael Cantrell


Oh, Brother: Hillary Now Blames Obama for Election Loss

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made it abundantly clear that her stunning loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 election was some horrible miscarriage of justice that was practically anyone else's fault but her own.

Rand Paul’s Wife Destroys Media, Says He Can’t Take a Breath Without Pain

Kelley Paul, wife of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, decided to light the mainstream media on fire and deliver a scathing burn of epic proportions to all who have used the recent altercation he had with a neighbor -- which left him with six broken ribs -- to push their own political agenda.

‘White Lives Matter’ Written Inside School, Guess Who Actually Did It…

Officials who work at a school in Missouri have finally uncovered the student responsible for a racial slur recently found in a girl's restroom, and it's not who you think.

ISIS Just Called for the Unthinkable Against Trump’s Son Barron

Radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS is up to their old horrifying tricks again, having recently called for the assassination of Pope Francis and then President Trump's 11-year-old son, Barron.

Student Uses the Word “Tranny” on College Radio, School Responds by Immediately Calling…

Once upon a time, college campuses used to be places where young adults really got educated in the art of debate and discussion, learning how to value differing opinions and when disagreements arise, how to articulate an argument that is coherent and logical.

FBI Says Trump Dossier Used by Media has NOT Been Verified

Ever since Donald Trump was sworn in as the President of the United States he has been relentlessly attacked by the left in the media for "collusion" with Russia, claims that have yet to be substantiated with real evidence.

Priest Demands Christians Drop the Word “Christmas” From Their Vocabulary, Here’s Why…

It seems like every single year now there's a controversy concerning the word "Christmas," usually perpetrated by the left who seems to hate any public mention of the Lord Jesus Christ, and boy is that getting old. I long for the days when Christmas was a universal celebration and people just enjoyed the holiday season without worrying about "offending" someone by wishing them a "Merry Christmas."

University Instructor Goes on Rampage Against Conservative Students, Smashes Their Phones

The word "tolerance" is one that liberals really enjoy throwing around, often accusing anyone who hasn't adopted their progressive worldview as being "intolerant."

What This Liberal Student Said About Access to the Outdoors is Pure Absurdity

We all know that liberals, particularly those who are students or "educators" in the realm of higher academia, just love to turn anything and everything into some sort of big social issue, especially in relation to the myth of "white privilege."

New Report Drops Bombshell About Obama Misleading America on Al Qaeda

A new report has recently come out that details how the Obama administration purposefully downplayed the strength of radical Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda leading up to the 2012 election.

Al Franken Gets MORE Bad News as Second Accuser Comes Forward

Last week, a radio personality wrote up an entire blog post, complete with pictures, detailing an encounter with former comedian and current Minnesota Senator Al Franken sexually harassing her.

Feminist Gives Extremely Lame Reason Why Al Franken Shouldn’t Resign After Harassment Allegations

Kate Harding, a feminist writer for the Washington Post, decided to write a piece weighing in on the Sen. Al Franken's sexual harassment ordeal that hit the media yesterday, and her take is pretty much exactly what you expect from hypocrites on the left.

Fox News Just Handed Out a Life Time Ban to Legendary Rock Star…

In news you probably would've never guessed you'd have heard today, KISS frontman Gene Simmons just got some bad news from major network news outlet Fox News.

Roy Moore’s Wife TORCHES Liberal Media, Says ‘He Will Not Step Down’

Kayla Moore, wife of Judge Roy Moore, recently decided to let the liberal media in America know exactly what she thought of the allegations facing her husband, and she did not pull any punches.

Gloria Allred Asks Seriously Dumb Question About Roy Moore Yearbook Signature

Gloria Allread made an appearance on MSNBC's "MTP Daily" Thursday, where she was asked by a few questions by host Katy Tur concerning Judge Roy Moore -- currently running for Senate -- and the yearbook signature that supposedly corroborates a woman's story about a damaging encounter with Moore.

Kid Wears Fake News Shirt on Trip to CNN, School Officials Immediately Did This…

A seventh grade boy and his family are catching all kinds of flak after they allowed the kid to wear a fake news t-shirt mocking CNN on a field trip to the network's headquarters.

Middle Schooler Refuses to Stand for Pledge, What Deputy Does Next has Father FURIOUS

A sheriff deputy from South Carolina is finding himself on defense after telling a student to stand for the pledge after the child refused, angering the boy's father.

Check out the Absurd Reason Hillary Gave For Why She Shouldn’t be Investigated

If you look up the word "corruption" in the dictionary, you'll get a visual definition of the term in the form of a picture of Hillary Clinton.


Pop Quiz: The NBA Liberals Edition

Instructions: Class this is a pop quiz. You can not use your notes and please do not Google anything to make sure the quiz is...