Thursday, December 3, 2020

Isaac B. Herrin

Isaac is a Senior at Western Carolina University, pursuing a degree in Political Science. He also serves as Second Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Eleventh Congressional District Republican Party, as well as a Member-at-Large to the North Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee.

Let’s Talk Taxes: What You Should Know

The media is saying one thing, here's how the GOP Tax Plan will help YOU.

British Police: Kissing Under Mistletoe is WHAT?

It looks like the British Police are turning into the PC Police.

Veteran Finds Unsuspecting Visitor in Arlington

General Mattis continues to show why he is one of the most widely-respected people in America.

The Accuracy of SNL’s Democrat Skit

Sometimes you have to appreciate some good irony.

Reporter Accusing Jessie Jackson of Sexual Harassment

We anticipate much more to come out of this story.

10 Unlikely Celebrities Who SUPPORT President Trump

Who are some of the most powerful celebrities in America who support our President?

Man Arrested Near White House for saying WHAT?

The felony charges should be the least of his concerns.

Delaware to Let Children Decide Race, Gender

Where has our country come? Yes, this is as crazy as it sounds. According to Todd Starnes and, the Delaware State Department of Education...

Texas Shooter’s Motives Revealed

What we know about the Texas massacre and the shooter's motives.

North Korean Letter Sounds a LOT Like American Liberalism…..

The media's hands are very dirty with this one.

2020 Democratic Presidential Poll is Feeling the Bern

Though the poll is way early, it looks like the Democratic Party hasn't earned anything from 2016.

Snowflake of the Day: Eminem

The conservative response to Eminem's rap about President Donald Trump.

California Billboard Says WHAT?

Small fashion company making a controversial statement about President Trump.

Video Shows TWO Shooters in Vegas Attack

Why are we being fed lies about the attack?

Vegas Shooter’s Wife Met by FBI at Airport (video)

The wife of Stephen Paddock has some baggage that may lead to answers.

Vegas Shooting: What You’re Not Being Told

According to a new report coming out of The Daily Mail, ISIS has taken responsibility for the single-largest mass shooting in American history. Though US...

Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: What We Know (video)

The Deadliest Mass Shooting in History.

World in Arms as North Korea Fires Over Japan

Unidentified missile shot westward from North Korea.


Pop Quiz: The NBA Liberals Edition

Instructions: Class this is a pop quiz. You can not use your notes and please do not Google anything to make sure the quiz is...