Over the last few years, as angry atheists continue their assault on any form of public display of religion, we’ve witnessed many schools come under fire for having some sort of prayer before or after sporting events, particularly football games.

Much of the hate comes from individuals who complain that seeing such a display “deeply offends” them, caring little for the fact that maybe, just maybe, their beliefs and attitudes are just as offensive to others around them.

This is largely due to the fact that the schools are under the thumb of the Department of Education, a big government invention that exists to help progressives indoctrinate future generations of children to be statists enslaved to the system dependent on the state to care for their every need.

Such a society enables select “elites” to remain in positions of power and wealth, controlling how the rest of the culture functions.

Anyway, to get back on track, a crowd at a football game in Alabama decided that, despite the efforts of godless heathens to shut down prayer that was led over a loudspeaker during games, they were going to glorify the Lord anyway, regardless of what anyone else had to say about it.

via Christian News:

Students, players and members of the public attending a high school football game in Alabama stood up and recited the Lord’s Prayer in unison on Friday after a secular group complained about a student-led prayer that was broadcast over the loudspeaker during a recent game.

On Aug. 31, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter to Dr. James McCoy Jr., superintendent of Lee County Schools, regarding a prayer that a student volunteered to deliver before a high school football game.

The group said that a concerned parent notified them about the pregame prayer.

“It is illegal for a public school to sponsor religious messages at school athletic events,” the FFRF letter contended.

“Not only is the district endorsing these prayers by allotting time for them at the start of games, but it is also providing the prayer-giver with the public address system needed to impose these prayers on all students and community members at games,” the correspondence stated. “Public school events must be secular to protect the freedom of conscience of all students.”

“The school system was facing litigation that we felt as though would not rule in our favor, if we continued with prayer over our public address system,” McCoy also explained in a statement. “Our response to the demand letter has been slightly delayed due to our conversations with legal counsel and conducting research on this matter. I was simply trying to find a way for our students to continue to do what they have been doing with student-led prayer. Unfortunately, I was not successful in that endeavor.”

It seems the “concerned parent’s” plan has really backfired in the most awesome way, as a local business man, Mike Green, purchased some space on the advertisement space located on the scoreboard and plastering the Lord’s Prayer on it. He currently has a GoFundMe page to raise the necessary funds to make it happen.

As if that isn’t enough, the parents and students at the school are standing together and reciting the Lord’s Prayer right after the National Anthem before games.

This is a beautiful example of how God, the sovereign ruler of all creation, can take one Negative Nancy and flip their hatred for Him and His people around, and use it as a tool to bring glory to His name.

When will atheists learn that you cannot destroy the Lord of Glory? When will they get that Jesus is King and He is victorious not only later, but right here, right now, in the midst of human history.

Now is the time to repent and believe, before its too late.

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