The ribbon I picked up from the display. For comedic purposes only.


Although college and leftism are terms that sound very different, the two have become so intertwined that it is hard to discern where one manages to break free of the other. Just rewind the clock 60 years and progressives were the individuals who began the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley. Now the progressive goal has taken the shape of stifling free speech and forcing others to delve into their lunacy.

Shortly before heading off to college, I was informed that a safe space had officially been created on my campus. Not only do these designated spaces seem to completely contradict the idea of gaining a higher understanding through the exposure to a varying degree of ideas, but also only further feed into the victimhood mentality that seems to have plagued this generation. In this case though, the safe space is not where the blatant progressive push ended. This was just the tip of the iceberg. When I arrived at the campus and checked in for orientation, there was a row of people who were there to explain what was being given out. All seemed well until I spotted them. Gender pronoun ribbons. Yes, you read that correctly. These black ribbons were there so individuals could place them on the bottom of their orientation name tags.

Many orientation leaders, who are here to help students become familiar with the campus, found it crucial that their pronoun was displayed. The options included: He, Him, His; She, Her, Hers; They, Them, Theirs; and Ask My Pronouns. Are the he’s, she’s, and they’s viewed as superior? Why else would they get their own ribbons while the rest are grouped together? Someone really missed out on asking the hard hitting questions. In all seriousness, this gender pronoun obsession seems like one in a never ending list of leftist obsessions. Where is the line drawn with bizarre pronouns such as zed, vae, and bun? I think the truly frightening part is that it does not seem like a line exists. How are we supposed to remember all of these outrageous pronouns and frankly why should we have to? Refusing to feed into the lunacy that are these gender pronouns causes massive tantrums and if we do not watch out these tantrums could become legislation.

California Senator Scott Wiener has already proposed a bill that could result in penalties for those who do not use the correct gender pronouns and I would not put it past the Left considering they seem to always think big government is the solution as opposed to the problem. In short, the extent of freedom Americans have is what separates us from many countries. This means no matter how much young progressives play the victim, we must fight to keep the very fabric of our culture intact before it’s too late.




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