Whenever there is a natural disaster or some sort of event that disrupts the usual routine of society, there are always opportunists waiting in the wings to take advantage of the situation for their own personal benefit.

A good case in point is the recent flooding that has swept across many parts of Texas as the result of Hurricane Harvey making landfall. Many folks are without power, have lost their home to high waters, and are clinging to every possession — especially the necessities — for dear life.

Many folks have lost their lives already with the body count sure to rise. But alas, evil never seems to take a vacation. Ever.

Businesses in these areas are getting hit hard by scumbag looters who see this tragedy as a grand opportunity to get things they want free of charge, you know, thanks to that good ole “five-finger discount” they like to use, caring little for the fact they are hurting someone’s livelihood or preventing law abiding citizens from getting what they need.

Well, one Texan isn’t going to stand for this egregious activity in his community. Not one bit.

A mystery man claiming to be a former SWAT deputy has been defending various businesses in his area, armed with a rifle, from looters who think Hurricane Harvey was a ticket for a free ride.

A video of the gentleman standing outside of a store on guard duty has gone viral and he’s made it clear that he’s not at all scared to shoot.

A Texas woman filming the man spoke with him from her vehicle where he said, “It’s a shame. We need more real men out to step up and protect where you live. This storm is temporary…It don’t make no sense that these guys out here, too lazy to get a da** job, the energy they use to rob — they need to use that energy to rescue people.”

When a couple of thieves attempt to start looting a small convenience store, the man is seen on the video giving them a warning to knock off the shenanigans or pay a steep price.

via Daily Wire:

Hey, don’t you go back in that store!” he screams. “I’m telling you one time: I’m not scared to shoot you!”

“Put it down!” he yells at another potential thief. “I’m an ex-f***ing SWAT deputy! I will cut yo a** in half. Don’t go in that store no goddamn more!”

The woman manning her cellphone camera, sitting alongside her mother in her car, frets over the chaos.

“Lord Jesus. This s*** is getting real,” she says. “They are not playing out here. …This man out here with his shotgun, y’all. This is not a game.”

“Is he for real?” asks her mother.

“Yea, he got a real-a** shotgun in his hand!”

The woman also commended the man for taking action, saying, “They looting the stores and this man out here is trying to literally protect the community.”

The man noted that he’s merely “protecting the community where I live” and abiding by the law.

WARNING: The following video contains strong language.

This is precisely the kind of scenario our Founding Fathers, in their foresight and wisdom, had in mind when they decided to place the Second Amendment in the Constitution.

The right to defend yourself, your property, your family, and your community comes directly from God. It’s not only a right, it’s a duty, a responsibility, and if you aren’t doing your part to safeguard these things, shame on you.

Of course, the primary reason for the right to bear arms is to put a stop to tyranny, but self-defense comes in many different flavors, and at the end of the day, it’s men like this Texan who end up keeping communities safe.

Our law enforcement officers are so disrespected these days due to the liberal narrative that has brainwashed people into thinking the police as a whole are wicked to the core. They’re gunned down in the streets, spit on, insulted, and treated like garbage despite the fact they put their lives on the line each and every day.

Yet, when disaster strikes, who do you think these same haters wish they had in their neighborhood? The police.

This man exemplifies the kind of heroes that come out of police work, the sense of duty and responsibility put on display here needs to be copied by other men in the community who need to step up and do their part to protect others who may not be able to protect themselves.

A message must be sent to criminals, informing them ever so politely that a natural disaster is not an opportunity to get free stuff. It is, however, an opportunity to get yourself either a trip to the hospital or worse, the morgue.

Here’s to hoping this man stays safe and continues his mission to help protect the people and businesses in his local community.


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