There’s no doubt we’re living in a very dangerous time politically speaking, as the radical left has made it clear there’s no tolerance for views that don’t line up with progressive ideology.

We’ve seen riots break out at protests, people getting slashed with knives, kicked, punched, and assaulted in a million other ways ever since Trump took office.

But as crazy as things have been, and boy they’ve been nutty, it seems we haven’t seen just how bad some folks on the left can get.

That’s where David Kenneth Smith comes in.

via Daily Wire:

In an article for PJ Media published Monday, Debra Heine provides a closer look at David Kenneth Smith, a “rabid anti-Trumper” who was arrested on Nov. 2 in Orange County, California for making criminal threats against an instructor at Soka University and suggesting he might go on a “killing spree.”

Smith’s beef with the instructor traced back to 2008 when the instructor played a role in disciplinary action taken against Smith for smoking weed. On Nov. 1, Smith began exchanging emails with staffer. Things got very disturbing very quickly. KTLA 5 reports:

Smith, 39, apparently became frustrated over the email exchange and he allegedly emailed the staff member a link to a YouTube video that showed him holding a semiautomatic pistol on his chest.

The YouTube channel included other recently recorded videos where he allegedly talked about wanting to engage in a “killing spree,” officials said.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force was notified and quickly determined that Smith’s threats were credible. Authorities arrested Smith on Nov. 2 on one count of making criminal threats, to which he pleaded not guilty on Monday. He’s being held on $1 million bail. After they made the arrest, they found “nine loaded firearms registered to Smith.”

“News of his arrest was treated as a local story with no national significance,” notes Heine. “However, if this freak had been a right-wing activist, he’d have been a front-page story in every paper in the country.”

Here are a few of the videos that got the man arrested. Be warned. They’re disturbing.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the world you and your children live in today. Are you worried yet? If not, what more is it going to take? What more needs to happen before you stand?

You see, likely, due to all of the violence, the threats, the nasty rhetoric, lots of good people with solid values and principles are getting scared and bowing out of the fight to restore America to its roots.

This is the opposite of what we should be doing. Yes, standing up boldly for the truth carries some risks. You might lose friends, family, your job, maybe even more.

But if a group of courageous souls don’t stand up for liberty now, if they don’t brave the climate and say what needs to be said, engaging false ideologies and dismantling them in creative ways, our freedom will be all but lost.

So, in other words, don’t let guys like Smith cause you to be afraid to stand up for what you know is right. That’s giving the terrorist what he demands, and if you’re an American, you don’t give in to demands from people like this.

You fight — non-violently — until you have nothing left in the tank.


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