Disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner, who perfectly encapsulates the corruption found in the bowels of modern politics, is headed for the slammer, his new home for the next 21 to 27 months.

Weiner has repeatedly been busted sending inappropriate pictures of his genitles to women, some of whom were under age, but was discovered to have sent some to an underage girl.

Here are the details about this sick, deranged individual’s “accommodations.”

Via Daily Wire:

His brother dropped him off just outside the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts early Monday morning, after Weiner spent his final day of freedom hanging out with his father and visting Starbucks in New York City.

Weiner will do his time at the Devens Prison, a medium-security facility that houses mostly inmates in need of medical or psychological services. Inside the joint, Weiner will receive ongoing care for the sex addiction he says drove him to repeatedly text, direct message, and instant message, pictures of his junk to women across this fair nation.

The prison has around a thousand inmates, and about 100 more in a “minimum security satellite camp” for inmates who aren’t flight risks or who have work-release agreements. Weiner will, reportedly, be housed in the prison’s main building.

Weiner pled guilty to Federal charges of transmitting obscene material to a minor, resulting in his conviction and forced internment, but the incident that gave rise to the Federal charges – an online relationship Weiner initiated with a 15-year-old girl – was only the latest in a string of bizarre sexual encounters.

In 2011, Weiner was forced to resign his Congressional seat after sending photos of himself to a woman over Twitter. In 2013, he abandoned his campaign for New York City Mayor after journalists discovered another online relationship, this time with a Democratic campaign aide named Sydney Leathers. The Daily Mail uncovered the horrifying sexts Weiner set to his teenaged paramour back in early 2016.

Weiner is definitely a sick, sick man in need of a lot of help. And it’s going to take more than psychological mumbo jumbo to help “cure” him of his perversions.

It’s going to take spiritual regeneration, a work of God to open his eyes to the need he has for a Savior, to help him have faith in Jesus Christ.

Let’s hope that happens for him and he comes out of this a changed man.

If anyone can work such a miracle, it’s Jesus.


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