Ever since the advent of social media, celebrities have had a deep desire to look “woke,” involved in trendy activism so that they appear to be deeper human beings than most of them likely are.

Nowadays, hashtag activism has become a maker or breaker for a Hollywood actor’s career, so many of them engage in this crap, weighing in on popular issues they really have no clue about in order to appease the powers that be in pop culture so they’ll have another paycheck next week.

There are countless examples of this, but a whole new crop are popping up now, thanks to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, causing ignorant elites from the entertainment industry to weigh in on gun control. Lots of stupidity abounds, but one of the most painfully dumb and obvious ones to hit the Internet comes from actress Patricia Arquette.

via Daily Wire:

If Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter feed provides any indication, leftist lies genuinely anger him. His latest Twitter skirmish was over gun control against actress Patricia Arquette, whom you might remember for grandstanding about “equal pay” during her Oscar acceptance speech in 2015.

The modus operandi for celebrities after every horrific event involving guns is to Tweet empty platitudes about gun control. With Patricia Arquette’s big contribution, it’s hard to make out exactly what point she was trying to get across, since it doesn’t really criticize anything:

Oh, really? And here we gun nuts thought the “right to bear arms” also meant the right to get trigger happy when the McDonald’s fast food worker forgets to hold the pickles.

Donald Trump Jr. responded by pointing out that she’s made two completely sound observations that sum up exactly what every Republican believes:

Glad someone pointed out that murder was illegal. Whew! Just imagine what might have happened had this actress that hasn’t done anything memorable in ages, hadn’t straightened everyone out on this?

It’s hard to believe this actually was said, by an adult, who works in an industry largely responsible for shaping our culture.

Of course murder is illegal and wrong. Of course owning a gun doesn’t give you the right to shoot anyone outside of a self-defense situation. Duh!

What, exactly, was Arquette’s point? This is a prime example of someone wanting to jump in the political activism garbage because they see it boosting other people’s careers, but sadly they are so ignorant of the issues and the arguments on both sides, they don’t actually know what in the world they are talking about.

This is why actors need less time on social media, more time doing their jobs.


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