To give you a picture of just how screwy things have become in this country over the last few years, thanks in large part to the ridiculous liberal agenda being force fed into our culture, it’s now acceptable to teach kids about having promiscuous gay sex or to be transgender, but not to teach the Constitution.

Actress Janine Turner, most famous for her role on the 1990s television series “Northern Exposure,” is doing something overwhelming majority of modern day educators refuse to do: teach kids about their God-given rights protected by the Constitution.

However, this didn’t sit well with a bunch of wingnut parents who said the material being provided was “inappropriate.”

Seriously? The Constitution is inappropriate? Ugh.

From Truth Revolt:

Actress Janine Turner, known for her role as Maggie O’Connell in the hit television series Northern Exposure, has a passion: teaching schoolchildren about the Constitution. Apparently, that endeavor is quite offensive to some.

After speaking to students at Eubanks Intermediary School in Texas on September 12, Turner was met with accusations from parents of providing “inappropriate” materials, having been the target of derisive opposition from a former board member who has pressed the school to issue an apology for having invited her.

A statement from Carroll Independent School District (ISD) was subsequently sent to parents, alerting them that the Hollywood veteran had provided students with “materials that included inappropriate topics and content for fifth and sixth graders.”

The material in question was an 11-page research paper which, according to Turner, featured “one paragraph…highlighting an example of a poor, voluminous and incoherent bill,” in which the words “sexual trafficking” and “abortion” appeared.

The television star, who has given 230 speeches to over 20,000 people as part of her Constituting America organization, says she has never received a complaint before. Furthermore, her materials were sent in advance to the teachers and school superintendents.

Some parents and teachers have accused the actress of having a partisan, political agenda; however, she maintains that the materials were bipartisan, and that the supplied research paper “never [pointed] a finger at one party over the other.”

Turner claims that the former schoolboard member went to extremes to target both her and her daughter on social media, which has left her “horrified.”

The board member, Buddy Luce, insisted to the Dallas News that Turner’s presentation of our nation’s founding document was a veiled, partisan effort to bias children.

Yeah, never mind the fact this Luce fellow’s Twitter is covered in hashtags like: #ACAIsHereToStay, #Resist, #TrumpIsRepulsive, #TurnTexasBlue. No possible way his desire to oppose Turner was motivated by partisanship, right?

This man is a hack, clearly.

We are in big trouble in this country if we cannot teach our children the Constitution and help them understand the rights and liberties they have here, which liberals obviously view as a threat.


Well, it’s simple. Children who are taught they have rights, believe they have rights, believe they are independent and responsible for themselves. They will grow up with values of self-reliance instilled in their hearts, not wanting to be ordered around by the government.

What the Department of Education wants is a whole generation of stooges who will bow the knee, accept the nanny state, and do as they are told. They do not want children to question their authority, as it will mean the end of their reign of power one day in the future.

It’s disgusting statism at its finest.

Let’s hope people like Turner keep fighting the good fight and helping our kids to learn about their rights.

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