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Okay, okay. Let’s seriously consider that we are looking like 836 days until the first primary for either party’s Presidential nomination election. I have a good feeling we know how that the GOP nomination will go, but we have some news about the Democratic nomination.

According to the latest poll coming out of the University of New Hampshire, BERNIE SANDERS is leading the race with 31% of the vote. Now, don’t get me wrong here, this is way too early to start this again, but as someone who loves this sort of stuff, I can’t help but get eager at the idea that we will soon be back in campaign mode.

Bernie is obviously not the best choice for anyone, given his track record of being the crazy, 76-year-old socialist from Vermont. The grandpa-figure who likes to make himself out to be Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor college kids, who he takes donations from $20 at a time. The man who the Democratic Party literally had to steal the election from in order to let Hillary do the honor of losing to Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, it looks like Bernie is the leading voice of the liberal movement.

With Bernie at 31%, there are some other names on the poll that may or may not raise some eyebrows. Joe Biden is sitting at 24%, and Elizabeth Warren is clocking in at 13%.

Biden and Sanders have recently been visiting some states that have some people wondering if they’re going for another run, with both of them visiting New Hampshire in the last week, according to CNN.

Elizabeth Warren coming in at #3 is one that makes me nauseous. The lying Harvard professor who gets her donations off of fear-mongering emails has poked her face into the question. In all honesty, she may want to worry more about her 2018 Senate race, which she may fall short in according to many sources in Massachusetts.

There are some other names to keep in mind for the 2020 race on the Democratic side, all of whom have some sort of support according to the poll:¬†Corey Booker, Martin O’Malley, John Hickenlooper, Kamala Harris, and even Mark Zuckerburg.

Yes, Mark Zuckerburg. The guy who invented Facebook, yes, that guy.

To be completely honest, I don’t think that the Republican Party will have any trouble in the world steamrolling the Democratic Party, especially after the beating that is sure to come in the battle for the Senate come 2018.

The Democratic Party should be very very worried. After all, they have an Independent leading the Presidential field.

Think about that, the Democratic Party is failing so incredibly bad that they have someone not even affiliated with their party leading their own primary election.

If that doesn’t sum up the failure that is the Democratic Party, I don’t know what does.

Stay political, my friends.


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