If you’ve been reading the content from this site on a regular basis, you’re well aware of where we stand on the issue of transgenderism.

It’s the same stance that just about every rational, sane human being used to have until progressives lost their marbles and started shaming anyone and everyone who didn’t adopt their warped view of reality:

It’s a mental illness that needs to be treated, not encouraged.

Transgenderism, also known as gender dysphoria, is a dangerous illness of the mind that has been known to cause severe depression, confusion, self-esteem problems, and suicide.

Yet, in today’s “if it feels good, do it” society, liberals are encouraging people with this disorder to totally indulge their delusions, take hormone therapy, and get breast implants to become a girl. Or the other way around for the women who suffer from this issue.

Not only that, but they are also encouraging people to “identify” as whatever they want. If they believe they are a snake and want to have surgery to fork their tongue and become a snake, go for it! This is the same kind of stuff that would get you a one-way ticket to the funny farm just a few short years ago.

Now it’s a celebrated “lifestyle choice.”

What’s worse is that there are parents who are putting kids, young children in some cases, through hormone therapy to become the opposite sex, just because Jane likes to play with G.I. Joes and Johnny put on his sister’s dress once.

These “hip, cool” parents ask their child, who can barely decide what they want for breakfast and cannot operate a motorized vehicle, if they feel like the opposite sex. Poor, confused kid says sure, mom and dad turn him into a girl — or a guy — and beam with pride at how “progressive” they are, caring little for the psychological damage they are doing to their offspring.

Here’s a good case in point.

A 12-year-old boy from Australia told his mother that he felt like he was girl. She put him on estrogen, he grew breasts, and began transitioning his gender.

Two years later, guess what happens? The kid changes his mind and wants to be a boy again!

via The Daily Wire:

With guidance from medical professionals and his own mother, a 12-year-old Australian boy suffering from gender confusion began to transition into a “female.” Just two years later, the young man told his mom he felt like his born sex again, and is now in the painful process of transitioning back, which includes surgery.

Patrick Mitchell was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at age 12, meaning he viewed himself as a female although he was born a biological male.

“When he was young, he would dress up in girl’s clothes. And at one stage, he did say to me, could he be taken to the doctor to be made a girl,” said the boy’s mother.

Although he was just a child, Mitchell was put on estrogen hormones to begin his transition. He subsequently began to grow breasts and also grew out his hair.

“You wish you could just change everything about you, you just see any girl and you say I’d kill to be like that,” Mitchell, now 14, told 60 Minutes Australia.

Now, just two years since the start of his transition, Mitchell says he feels like his biological sex.

“I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” he said.

Mitchell says his vision began to become clear about his gender when the teachers at his school started referring to him as a female. He then told his mother, “I’m just not sure I am a girl.”

He’s stopped his hormone therapy and is due to have surgery to remove his “breasts.”

It’s quite clear that those close to Mitchell, especially his parents, failed him miserably by encouraging him to transition genders instead of treating his mental illness.

According to the report from the Daily Wire, studies have found that almost 80 percent of children who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria end up “growing out of it” before they become adults, coming to identify with the biological sex they were born as.

You may not like to hear this, particularly if you’re a progressive, and I know a lot of you frequent this site, but the bottom line is, you’re either male or female.

Biology and science do not allow for a third option or for a swapping of DNA chromosomes, no matter how confused you might be about your gender.

God created the world a certain way, making humanity male and female. Each has a glorious role to play in the plan and design He has for His creation.

Rather than being encouraged to swap genders just because you feel like it, people, especially children, should be taught to be happy just the way God made them, to see the beauty in their gender and celebrate what God made them to be.

This sort of thinking is liberating and doesn’t create the emotional trauma that indulging gender dysphoria does.

When liberals encourage this sort of behavior, particularly in children, it ought to be considered child abuse.

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